Vorohobov’s City Clinical Hospital № 67

Clinic Equipment

Operating facility of Moscow Spine Surgery Center at Vorohobov’s City Clinical Hospital No 67

Moscow Spine Surgery Center of Vorohobov’s City Clinical Hospital No 67 is one of the leading Russian centers that provide medical care to patients with spinal pathologies. It was the first Moscow center to be recognized as a referral center by AO Spine fellowship, a global academic spine community.

The Center is headed by Dr. Dmitry Dzukaev, a neurologist and world-classexpert in spinal neurosurgery.

In September 2020 Vorohobov’s Spine Surgery Center opened a unique operating facility. It consists of four modern operating theatres equipped with high-tech systems for treating spinal cord injuries and disorders.

Technological advances of the facility are truly unique. Operating rooms are equipped with innovative spinal technologies which are part of one system.

The Center has 4 operating complexes:

— Оko-3D ‒ endoscopic 3D integrated operating theatre;

—Robo ‒ robot-assisted operating theatre equipped with BodyTom CT scanner, a robotic system and a flat panel C-arm

—Navi‒ navigation operating theatre equipped with Airo mobile CT scanner

—Colibri‒ an innovative operating theatre based on robotic complex.

This unique facility was opened in difficult times of the pandemic. In the first 6 months the Center performed more than 1000 cutting edge spinal surgeries.

Arthroscopy is one of the most widespread orthopedic surgeries.

Doctors perform surgical manipulations by making small cuts and introducing optics and diagnostic tools. Arthroscopic surgeries are usually performed on ligaments, tendons, cartilage, menisci and other joint soft tissues and bone structures.

Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics uses Arthrex high-tech medical equipment, a world leader in medical education and orthopedics.

Arthrex medical systems and doctors' profound experience allows the hospital to provide medical care to patients with joint pathologies according to the highest international standards.

Orthopedics Department has a full range of devices for treating joint injuries and pathologies.

Laboratory testing is one of the main tools of medical diagnostics, withoutwhich providing medical care seems impossible today.

Our clinic is among the largest in Moscow. We perform thousandsof tests every day. We focus not only on quality but also time of obtaining results.

Clinical tests are carried out in a centralized diagnostic laboratory. This is a fully automated facility, where tests are done automatically from the moment the tube arrives on the track until the result is obtained.

At the beginning of 2020 Vorohobov’sClinical Laboratory recieved international medical certificate ISO 15189:2012. World's leading certification body for management systems and processes (DQS CFS, Germany) confirmed thatVorohobov’sHospital Clinical Laboratory meets international standards of quality and competence.

Department of Endovascular Diagnostics and Treatment is equipped with modern high-end angiographic systems and consumables.

It allowsmedical specialists to perform a full range of endovascular surgical procedures according to modern international standards in treatment heart pathologies, peripheral and intracranial vessels diseases, as well as in oncological, gynecological and urological disorders.

Ophthalmology Department is equipped with devices to provide effective and fast treatment of eye diseases, including severe chronic and concomitant diseases ‒ diabetes mellitus, hypertension, heart attack and stroke consequences.

Diagnostic equipment allows doctors to provide subjective and objective examination of visual acuity, biomicroscopy of the anterior segment of the eye, computer perimetry, optical coherence tomography (OCT), ultrasound diagnostics, fundus studies.

Department’s specialists performs microsurgical and laser operations using modern optoelectronic and computer devices. This equipment allows providers to perform complex operations such as low-traumatic, bloodless and suturelessinterventions, laser treatment and physiotherapy.