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Clinic Equipment

IMAGE1 S CONNECT®Camera System by endoscopic company Karl Storz provides a completely new approach to the concept. IMAGE1 S CONNECT®Camera System is the basis of the IMAGE1 S™ endoscopic device and serves as a communication interface between image processing devices and registration devices. The IMAGE1 S CONNECT® device and at least one LINK module are required to conduct surgery. The system has numerous functions that correspond to the highest technology level (IMAGE1 S™ visualization mode that allows contrast enhancement, Light Source Control for automatic control of the light source, built-in function of image and video recording).

A high-power cold light source used for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes in endoscopy. The device has many functions, among them are the following advantages:
- efficiency: high intensity with low power consumption.
- comfortable working environment: intelligent cooling system with minimal noise emission.
- durability: with proper handling and maintenance, there is no time or money expenditure to replace the lamp.

It allows viewing medical images, such as images during endoscopic surgery. It has a high-quality and high-resolution Full HD function, streaming images on two screens. The design meets the requirements of ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1. UL60601-1. CAN/CSA-C22/2 NO.60601-1-08 and EN 60601-1 safety standards and the requirements for use in the medical industry.

An insufflation device for universal use during laparoscopic, colonoscopic and thoracoscopic examinations and surgery. The cutting-edge technologies for measuring and monitoring blood pressure and blood flow provide various operating modes, including those adapted to specific situations, such as the imposition of pneumoperitoneum or for use in combination with laser or RF-surgery. Flow is up to 30L/min. The application of the heating element Optitherm can reduce the risk of hypothermia.

A combined pump for irrigation and aspiration is used for surgery in laparoscopy and gynecology. It is possible to use the device both for hysteroscopic as for laparoscopic surgery. The high level of reliability of the device is also facilitated by an electronic automatic check system, which controls various system components every time the device is started and signalizes for potential failures.

The ForceTriad™ Energy Platform supplies radiofrequency current to instruments for performing surgical operations and connecting tissues in monopolar and bipolar modes. It is equipped with three touch-sensitive interface screens and is able to automatically detect connected tools and appropriately adjust the generator output. The ForceTriad™ Energy Platform, patient return electrodes and connected instruments are designed to work as a single system. The device is used for general laparoscopic and gynecological procedures that involve electrosurgical dissection and coagulation of tissue, as well as stitching (sealing) of vessels and tissue suturing.