Karine V. Osipova

  • candidate of Medical Sciences, highest qualification category,
Karine Vartanovna Osipova - head of the department, Doctor-neurologist of the highest qualification category in the specialty "Neurology", holder of Doctorate degree in Medicine. In 1983, she graduated from Academician Pavlov Samarkand State Medical Institute and was awarded the qualification of a pediatrician in the specialty "Pediatrics". From 1983 to 1984, she underwent an internship in the regional children's hospital with a degree in pediatrics, and was qualified as a pediatrician. In 1985, she took a course in the specialization of Pediatric Neuropathology at the Tashkent Institute for the Advancement of Doctors, and qualified as a Pediatric Neuropathologist. In 2000, she completed a specialization course in clinical electroencephalography and mastered modern methods of registration, analysis and diagnostic interpretation of EEG. She has a valid certificate in the specialty Neurology from 09.03.2018.In 2008, winner of the Moscow City Prize in the field of medicine for the work “New Approaches in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Children Epilepsy”. In 2011, she was awarded the Prize Committee medal "For work in the name of life." In 2015, she was awarded a special prize by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for doctors providing assistance to victims of wars, terrorist acts and natural disasters. In 2015, she was awarded an honorary diploma by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation for health services and many years of conscientious work. Head of the neuropsychiatric Department №1.